Newsbulletin evolving into timely blog format

May 14, 2015


Springfield – Beginning with the June issue, the Newsbulletin will no longer be published in its previous format. Its content has been redesigned and will appear on the IASB website home page and at .

The purpose of this change is to allow IASB to reach more members and to allow timelier reporting of education events and issues.

“We realize some members may miss the monthly newsletter. But we believe this change will give members easier and better access to information that they want to read,” said James Russell, IASB’s associate executive director for communications and production services.

The first issue of the newsletter was published in November 1943 and has been continuously published ever since. Until July 2011, the Newsbulletin was printed and mailed to all members. Since then, text and PDF versions have been posted online and members were alerted with an email blast via Constant Contact.

“We will strive to maintain the same editorial integrity while attempting to appeal to and reach a larger audience,” said IASB News Blog editor Gary Adkins. “While the newsletter has been popular, we know that our members are ready and anxious to adapt to new delivery methods.”

The new format will not eliminate any of the popular features or content of the Newsbulletin. In fact, there will be new features, links, and sharing opportunities that were previously limited or unavailable.

The Illinois School Board News Blog will become part of IASB’s social media strategy, which also includes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Here’s what readers can expect to see on the IASB News Blog:

  • News of Association activity, including information about IASB programs, services, and governance matters
  • Mainstream news, information, and links that are relevant to local school leaders
  • Alerts about concerns facing Illinois public schools
  • Solutions-based reports
  • Real-time IASB tweets
  • IASB perspective and depth of understanding not available elsewhere