New email options for IASB members

August 14, 2017


SPRINGFIELD - In an effort to ensure that members get needed updates and notifications related to their board duties, IASB has changed email delivery providers to a program integrated with the Association’s membership database.

In addition to an updated look, Association emails will allow recipients to customize their communications preferences. Recipients can select from the following email topics to stay informed:

  • Executive Director Communications
  • Governmental Relations
  • Joint Annual Conference
  • Legal Updates and School Law
  • Division News and Events
  • Workshops and Board Training
  • Stay in Touch
  • Member Services
  • Executive Searches

Because the new system is tied to the IASB member database, the Association will have the capacity to confirm communications are reaching the intended recipients. Members should check with their district secretary to make sure that rosters are up-to-date within the Association database and proper email addresses are assigned to each board member and administrator.

Members who want to continue receiving all emails do not have to do anything.

To be certain that IASB communications are not defaulting to spam filters, members are asked to add the following email domains to their list of approved “safe senders”: and Members who are not receiving IASB emails should first check their spam folder and make the appropriate adjustment. If the messages still cannot be found, contact the Association, at (217) 528-9688.