New edition of popular guide to successful school board meetings

October 6, 2017


A new edition of the book designed to help school boards have better meetings has been published by the Illinois Association of School Boards.

Coming to Order— A Guide to Successful School Board Meetings targets both new and experienced board members, and should be especially useful to board presidents, secretaries, and superintendents. It answers many questions about best practices for boards performing their duties and exercising their powers within their legal meeting structure.

The second edition retains many of the ideas and structural features of the original edition. It explains how to plan and conduct meetings that meet the needs of the individual school board and takes the board meeting beyond compliance with legal requirements to meetings that serve the interests of both school and community.

This edition was updated to conform to changes in both law and practice and, in particular, to accommodate new thinking about the most effective practices of the school board.

Coming to Order includes 11 chapters and an extensive appendix. The chapters are:

  • The Importance of Good Meetings
  • The Agenda: A Road Map to Success
  • Legal Requirements for Meetings
  • Planning the Meeting
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Conducting the Meeting
  • Recording the Meeting
  • Inviting the Public to the Meeting
  • Working with the News Media
  • The New Team: Reorganizing the School Board
  • Evaluating the School Board Meeting

Some of the special topics addressed in Coming to Order are: avoiding common time wasters, parliamentary procedure, ways of making decisions, myths and truths, electronic communications, orienting new members, filling vacancies, and how to deal with pressure groups.

Coming to Order may be ordered from the IASB Online Bookstore or by calling (217) 528-9688, ext. 1108. The retail price is $20. IASB member districts can purchase the book at a discounted rate of $15.