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Federal Legislative Report 114-6

Delivered via email: July 20, 2015


On Thursday (7/16), the Senate voted 81-17 to pass S. 1177, the Every Child Achieves Act, which is the Senate’s version of a new ESEA. The House passed their version, H.R. 5, the Student Success Act , on July 8, with a vote of 218-213. The next step is for both chambers to appoint members to a Conference Committee. Members of that committee would negotiate the differences between the bills and create legislation agreed to by both chambers to send to the president.

It is being rumored that the committee may be more informal, however, because some of the ideas in the House’s version are more contentious and failed as amendments in the Senate. The more contentious the differences, the simpler a more informal process may be.

If a negotiated bill is sent to the president, it will be very difficult for him to veto it if he does not agree with everything in it because the bill will be bipartisan.


Congress heads home during the month of August for a district work period. The House’s recess is Friday, July 31 through Monday, Sept. 7. The Senate’s recess is Monday, Aug. 10 through Monday, Sept. 7. This is a good time to connect with your federal representatives and let them know how important ESEA reauthorization is to your district. It is imperative to keep the pressure on.

This Federal Legislative Report is used to forward information on federal issues from NSBA and other federal sources. Those interested in additional information or signing up for these free reports should contact Susan Hilton.

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