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Alliance Legislative Report 99-34

Distributed via Email: October 23, 2015


The Illinois General Assembly met in session this week for the first time in several weeks. Again, no progress was made towards settling the budget stalemate, but there have been indications that Governor Bruce Rauner and the legislative leaders may be ready to begin meetings again to talk about the budget impasse.

There was action taken on two important bills that have been pushed by the Alliance. Bills signed into law this summer regarding a new civics course mandate and new requirements regarding student athlete concussions contained immediate effective dates which made school district compliance virtually impossible. Alliance lobbyists worked for the passage of “trailer bills” for each of these to delay the effective dates.

HB 800 (Conroy, D-Downers Grove) is a trailer bill to HB 4025/Public Act 99-0434 (Conroy) which added to high school graduation requirements at least one semester of civics education which must be a separate class, but part of the two-year social studies requirement. HB 800will move the effective date to July 1, 2016, and allow for a gradual phase-in of the new requirement so current high school students will not be penalized or delayed for not participating in such a class. The bill had been approved by the House and was approved Tuesday in the Senate.

SB 219(Raoul, D-Chicago) is a trailer bill to SB 7/Public Act 99-0245 (Raoul) which added new requirements regarding student athlete concussions.  SB 219 will push the implementation date back to the 2016-2017 school year rather than the current school year. The bill had been approved by the Senate and was approved Tuesday in the House. For more information on this bill see Alliance Legislative Report 99-32.

Both bills will head to the governor for consideration. The Alliance is urging the governor to put these bills on the fast track for enactment.

This legislative report was written and edited by the lobbyists of the Illinois Association of School Boards to provide information to the members of the organizations that comprise the Statewide School Management Alliance.

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