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Is one of your schools on track to close?
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School Closure Series Available to Download

In the past 70 years, Illinois has reduced its number of school districts by just more than 92 percent, moving from 11,000 districts in 1940 to 866 as of July 1, 2010. But mergers and consolidations that left fewer school districts are not the only reasons that a district might close a school. The exact causes that exert the force necessary to close schools had not been a focus of any major study until four researchers from Illinois State University took on the project.

In a series of three articles that ran in consecutive issues of The Illinois School Board Journal (September/October 2010, November/December 2010 and January/February 2011), Joe Pacha, Sherrilyn Billger, Frank Beck and Norm Durflinger analyzed the results of their study and presented what they believe are factors that lead to school closures on three different levels: elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

While these factors are not necessarily found in each of the closures, a district that looks at its own schools may discover that one or more of the predicting factors of closure are present. Some of these predictors can be influenced more favorably by actions of the school board and the community.

The three-part series on school closure is available as a single document:

It is also available in its original form as separate issues by school building grades:




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